for your impact

Does your company pursue a social and/or ecological business model? Does your company seek to turn a profit while creating positive solutions to social challenges? Imagine that you have found a serious financing partner with no compromises for your social goals. That is what we would like to offer you.

Financial investment

We support you with a capital requirement starting at 500,000 euros.

Social impact

Together, we create an impact measurement for your social impact.


We introduce you to experts and partners.


We assist with finances and business development and participate on your supervisory boards.



Some of our supported companies are charities, others not. What all have in common is that they create an ecological and/or social value added with their business model, and operate predominantly in German-speaking countries. We invest in the start-up and growth phase, provided that there is a proof of concept and the market entry was successfully completed with initial revenue. Before an investment decision is made, entrepreneurs must complete a structured due diligence process before an experienced investment committee. Above all, the following five criteria are decisive for an investment:

In the words

of our social



»The rigorous due diligence and the excellent network of BonVenture enabled innatura to successfully take off. I am particularly grateful that BonVenture was ready to invest in our innovative social enterprise at a very early stage. This meant that the entire non-profit sector was able to procure brand-new in-kind donations as quickly as possible and thus increase the social benefit.«

Juliane Kronen

»BonVenture has been a trustworthy partner for more than a decade now and at the same time, has helped us to become more professional. We receive active support with our social, business or human challenges. That paves the way for us to be able to offer even more children access to education.«

Murat Vural
Chancenwerk e.V.

»Negotiating with BonVenture was certainly a challenge, but in the implementation phase afterwards, BonVenture proved to be a truly trustworthy and excellent supporter, as well as a positive force for our further development. Hats off to you and all the best for more great collaboration!«

Dr. Helmut Hildebrandt
OptiMedis AG

»From the very beginning, BonVenture has been at our side as an absolutely reliable and constructive partner. Their investments enabled us to build our social franchise system, significantly increasing our social impact. In our experience, the personal cooperation has been honest, fair and supportive. We’re glad to have BonVenture on board.«

Walburga Fröhlich

»When AfB needed financing in 2013, it was very difficult to obtain it from banks. BonVenture trusted us and invested in AfB, but we were uncertain about how much they would interfere in our activities. Today we can say that the cooperation has been fantastic. BonVenture is a well-connected and trusted financing partner for us that we would highly recommend to other social enterprises.«

Paul Cvilak