Manager Investor Relations & Controlling

In addition to her technical and mathematical know-how, Katharina combines her passion for people and the environment at BonVenture. With a diploma in business mathematics and a degree as a Professional Risk Manager (PRM) earned in 2013, she has over ten years of experience as a risk analyst for the asset management of a large insurance group. In addition to her expertise in risk management, she also has experience as a project manager in change management, overseeing both domestic and international projects.

She has been involved in volunteer work since her school days, with a particular focus on organizations like the Red Cross and parent-child initiatives, where she also served as a board member. In addition, she founded a karate group that encourages parents and children to exercise together, fostering a community of enthusiastic participants of all ages. Outside of her charitable work, she stays active by cycling instead of driving, a habit she has maintained for many years.

Katharina Luft