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Just imagine for a second: What will our world look like 10 years from now? Will we have answers to the challenges such as climate change and migration? Will we have capitalized on the advances of digitalization and new modes of working to the benefit of all? Social entrepreneurs are finding answers to these questions and are designing attractive offers for our daily lives at the same time. They are movers and shakers, full of fresh ideas, but they need the right partners at their side.

Together with our investors, we have their back. Our investments enable them to accelerate the growth of their social enterprises and enhance their social impact. Moreover, the BonVenture team can draw on its experience advising around 50 supported companies to offer strategic consulting.

In 2020, we will establish our fourth fund for high-impact investing: BonVenture IV. Invest with us in the future of our society!

Examples of our high-impact investments:


Only 20% of electronic waste is recycled; disabled individuals can find very few available jobs.

People with disabilities professionally recycle decommissioned corporate IT which are re-sold as secondhand hardware in stores and online.

In total, 144 jobs for severely disabled people; 318,000 IT hardware pieces recycled in 2017 (equal to 2,400 tons)

Volunteer Vision

Helping disadvantaged target groups in their professional development.

Companies give their employees the opportunity to engage in flexible and efficient 1:1 mentorings with structured e-Learning programs from Volunteer Vision.

Assistance for individuals with barriers to succeeding in the workplace is integrated into the professional routine in an uncomplicated and natural way.


Switching successfully to renewables–with small producers and as decentralized as possible.

Wegatech transforms homeowners from energy consumers into producers with small home power plant systems composed of photovoltaics, electricity storage and heat pumps.

Wegatech’s clients have saved 3,870,149 kg of CO2 since 2010.

Your double


High-impact investing is a form of sustainable investing with particularly powerful social reach. This distinguishes our funds from other sustainable funds that merely base their investments on exclusion criteria (e.g. no companies dealing in arms, drugs, brown energy, etc.).

We also apply these exclusion criteria, but we are much more concerned with the big picture: All of our portfolio enterprises pursue a positive social impact with their business model. They consciously generate both financial and social gains, which we call their double bottom line. They connect goals of the welfare sector with a for-profit mentality of the corporate sector. Check out where our funds fall on the spectrum of sustainable investments:

You invest – we handle the follow-up

BonVenture funds are closed-end EuSEF registered special funds for institutional investors or semi-professional private investors. We also cooperate readily in joint investments with investment funds, banks, private investors, business angels, foundations or donors. Representing our investors, we advise the social enterprises and use our expertise and our network for their success.

How does a high-impact investment work?

  • As investor, you provide venture capital to our fund.
  • With the deposits, the fund participates in equity, mezzanine or debt capital in several social enterprises and thus spreads risk.
  • The companies are selected by the BonVenture partners in a due diligence process.
  • An experienced investment committee decides on the investments in a structured process.
  • The Investor Advisory Council determines the key performance indicators for the impact measurement.

Interested in learning more?

We would be happy to provide you with more details on an investment and discuss your options during a personal conversation. Get in touch with us today.

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»Impact investing is the only form of investing that makes sense. Impact and profit have to go hand in hand. I have known the BonVenture team for more than 7 years and I have a deep sense of trust in their expertise. To me, BonVenture is one of the most impressive impact funds in Europe.«

Antonis Schwarz

»In the 15 years since its founding, BonVenture has never been better off than it is today. The members of our team are highly competent and very experienced, and they complement each other perfectly.«

Bernard Jan Wendeln

»BonVenture reconciles humanity and business acumen as a professional high-impact investor. Over the 15 years of its existence, the team has supported many socially-focused organizations and achieved so much good for so many. Thanks to BonVenture, I can implement social responsibility into tangible measures.«

Dr. Horst Goss


»The wonderful thing about an investment in the BonVenture fund is that in addition to potential capital gains, you can also support a fantastic social project.«

Prof. Dr. Falk F. Strascheg